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With MedTrak™, our custom, online record retrieval database, you’ll have easy access to the legal records and documents you need to support your case. Each record request is tracked at every stage of the process, from request to delivery. You can check real-time status at any point during the process, delivered through a comprehensive summary and intuitive reports. You’ll benefit from:

  • Automatic reminders & notifications
  • Correspondence & date tracking
  • Complete status tracking & reporting
  • User-friendly document upload & archival
  • Simple e-filing
  • On-demand access to documents
  • Business intelligence (BI) reporting

MedTrak is both HIPAA-compliant and completely secure. We use SSL (secure socket layer) encryption to ensure that information is protected at all times.

The Traditional Research Process = Inefficient & Expensive
1. Paralegal sends notices to all involved counsel that a subpoena is requested
2. After no objections, certificate is sent to prothonotary or e-filed
3. Subpoena is sent to provider
4. Phone calls made to provider with request status for next 30-45 days
5. Once records arrive, legal staff send all copies to co-counsel, opposing counsel, claims adjuster & experts

The CCLR Way = Simple & Cost-Effective

1. Each law firm & claims office is assigned a portal
2. One easy-to-use portal fosters easy collaboration among attorneys, paralegals, claims adjusters and experts